processed_sound is back

This space has been dark for a while now – too long. I’ve been dealing with composer’s block for a while, and didn’t really want to push along with text while I couldn’t write music. Now I’ve decided to publicly work my way through it, and to document my work process along the way.

Late this summer I received a grant from the Indiana Arts Commission to do a text-sound laptop performance piece based on Interlochen author Michael Delp‘s “Coast of Nowhere.” It’s a beautiful piece of prose that describes the lakefront that my family and I lived on for two summers while teaching at the Interlochen Arts Camp.

I’m up in Interlochen right now, doing field recording, recording Delp, giving some master classes, and seeing some old friends. The field recording process has been revelatory so far. With sensitive microphones on high gain, and in the middle of the night, I’ve heard things in ways I’ve never heard before. Cliche, I know, but fun.

I’m off to record the author now at Interlochen Public Radio, one of the best public radio stations in the country, tucked far away from even the hint of large city.

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