Interesting radio interviews upcoming

Announcements for two interesting radio programs just crossed by inbox.

On Friday, March 14th at 3pm (ET), Elliott Carter and Phil Lesh will be interviewed together on Counterstream radio, the online radio station of the American Music Center. On Sunday, March March 16 at noon PT (3pm ET), UCLA radio will feature experimental electronic(a) composer Carl Stone.

The show should be interesting, and more than a little mind-bending for people who rarely venture outside of their personal pleasure genres. Carter is a titan of 20th/21st-century modernism, whose music features beautifully layered material highlighted by complex metrical relationships. Lesh is best know as the bass player for the Grateful Dead, whose live shows spawned legions of faithful “Dead Heads” that followed the band across the country. But Lesh has a significant background in contemporary art music, studying with Luciano Berio at Mills College in the early 1960s. Along with classmate Steve Reich, he formed an improvisation group that blended acoustic and electronic music with theater. According to Alex Ross in The Rest is Noise, he dropped out of composition to play bass for a band the would become the Grateful Dead after listening to Mahler’s Sixth Symphony while tripping on LSD.

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