Digital media blinders (or earplugs)

Does digital sound get overlooked in the field of digital media studies? Dilan Mahendran thinks so (and so do I). Writing for the Spotlight on Digital Media Learning blog, Mahendran questions whether the dominant realm of the image devalues the cultural significance of music. Given that so many people listen to so much music, how does the realm of music escape our focus so often?

I felt compelled to comment on the blog. It’s a question that affects me personally, and many of us that try to work in “interdisciplinary”  fields of digital media, naively assuming that we enter as (close to) equals with our colleagues working in the visual domain. Of course plenty of years at BSU has disabused me of that notion. It’s just interesting to see someone taking up the topic in a higher profile setting. The Spotlight on DML blog is sponsored the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, they of the “genius” grants.

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