Interesting radio interviews upcoming

Announcements for two interesting radio programs just crossed by inbox. On Friday, March 14th at 3pm (ET), Elliott Carter and Phil Lesh will be interviewed together on Counterstream radio, the online radio station of the American Music Center. On Sunday, March March 16 at noon PT (3pm ET), UCLA radio will feature experimental electronic(a) composer […]

something new

I don’t usually write about myself. Often, whenever I have something new that I’m finishing, the blog goes quiet. But a little self-promotion is in order, especially since readership of my blog recently spiked to double figures. (I’m still trying to figure out if there was a reason, or just mass hysteria.) This coming Monday, […]

Radiohead charts a new course

Musically speaking, Radiohead explores new territory as constant practice. But with their new release, In Rainbows, Radiohead is shaking up the model for selling and distributing music. In a bold, and perhaps Utopian experiment, the band is releasing a downloadable version of the entire “record” for whatever price each individual purchaser wishes to pay. Listeners […]